Ann Arbor in VR

How to use:

This is a 3D atlas of a subsection of the intersection of Liberty and Main in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. It is in a format called VRML, which is viewable with a special plug-in for your web browser. Several vendors make plug-ins that can view this content. We used one called CosmoPlayer to make this, and it is recommended. It can be downloaded from this link. If this does not work (for example, if you are using a macintosh like some of our developers), you can get another VRML plug-in from Parallel Graphics, or by searching for "VRML plug-in" on google, or any other search engine.


This file may take a long time to load on your computer! First it must download from the internet, then it must load into the VRML browser. It is very detailed, and gives several detail options. Be careful before turning the detail up, as it may take extremely long to do so, and it may not run well on your computer once it does. The default options that are set when you open the program are reasonably low, and should be fine for most occasions.

Virtual Atlas File:

Liberty and Main in VR