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Some DJ albums made a while ago.

Paul Oppenheim - The Huntmaster's Special (2010-12)

Paul Oppenheim - The Huntmaster's

An album I made under my own name after leaving Linden Lab and Second Life, which put my Judicious Hax account into a weird state, leaving me feeling very disinterested in investing more into that identity.

Judicious Hax - One Below Nothing (2009-12)

The album after The Delicate Dance. I don't remember much about the backstory.

Judicious Hax - The Delicate Dance (2007-11)

My first continuous mix DJ album. I recorded it in one take (not the first one) so it isn't perfect.

At one point a friend of mine came up to me after a new year and said "Look at my list for my top plays of the year" and the number one spot was this album. That was nice to hear!

I think I used Traktor 2 to do this, and a 2 octave EMU midi keyboard with knobs.

There are other amusing backstories to this album which do not belong in the public archive. Please ask me about them in person.