12 years experience in software engineering. I want a job in realtime, collaborative, or interactive systems. I do a few things thoroughly and very well. I go in depth and discover things most other people wouldn't.


Work with kind, thoughtful people. Work with clear expectations and frequent, constructive feedback. Deliver value. Leave in time to pick up my kids.


Figma San Francisco, CA Software Engineer 2015-09 — 2016-05
Illustration tool for UI designers. Led backend service production readiness for beta launch. Helped prototype a realtime collaboration server. Scripted AWS EC2 server config, rewrote deploy for horizontal scale, setup monitoring and alerting in DataDog and PagerDuty. Created policy and trained devs for 6-person on-call and deploy rotation. Used Bash, JavaScript / TypeScript, Ruby, and Python.
LiveLoop (acquired by Microsoft) San Francisco, CA Software Developer 2012-11 — 2015-03
"Full stack" work on PowerPoint collaboration and web presentation sharing at a 5-person startup.
Voidpop (Slackulator) San Francisco, CA Software Developer 2011-03 — 2012-03
Software for hire and independent product development. Designed and shipped Slackulator, which reads a twitter stream and estimates the amount of time required to read it. (Currently defunct.)
Linden Lab (Second Life) San Francisco, CA Software Engineer 2007-06 — 2010-07
Helped the virtual world Second Life give several million residents a good experience by working on backend system infrastructure software. Helped:
BDNA Mountain View, CA System Discovery Engineer 2005-04 — 2007-05
Worked on BDNA Inventory. Wrote software (mostly perl) to communicate with operating systems & servers via many protocols to inventory hardware and software. Clients include Motorola, Kaiser Permanente, and US Navy.
University of Michigan - AI Lab (SOAR) Ann Arbor, MI Research Assistant 2004-09 — 2005-03
Worked under Prof. John Laird converting the java SOAR editor VisualSOAR to an Eclipse plug-in. Assisted with Mac OS X port of SOAR.
High Voltage Software Hoffman Estates, IL Programming Intern 2002 Summer
Wrote a cross-platform Codewarrior / Microsoft Visual Studio build tool (Sony Playstation 2 "Hunter: Wayward" and Microsoft Xbox "Hunter: Redeemer"). Created DVD layout and demo disc (Xbox "NBA Inside Drive 2003").


University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI BS Computer Science Graduated 2004
Curricular: Artificial Intelligence, Game Development, Graphics. Extracurricular: Wolverine Soft Game Dev (President 2002 & 2003), Siggraph, Entity Digital Arts, UMich-MUG, BUNAC

Projects and Code


Snowboarding, DJing & music, software, privacy, personal informatics / "quantified self", video games, existential angst
☙ References furnished upon request. ❧